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one day they will make humans out of steel but until then i may have to break these bones
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i’m having an excellent day so here are some more selfies. the first one is post-crossfit with my brotein shake. i was wrecked. the second one is just now because i took my hair out of its bun and it’s a little wild. styled by chlorine and sweat. lovely.

i arrived at work early and swam a fast 500 m. it felt good to stretch out; i need to start swimming regularly. bron was there, doing some killer butterfly. that was cool.

then work which was delightful. i love the babies, and parent-child classes are made so much better by enthusiastic parents. sing to your babies, people! 

after my shift ended i rushed off to the city for the lunchtime crossfit class. this was the WOD:

#1: deadlifts

#2: 3 rounds for time:

  • 10 deadlifts @ 100/70 kg
  • small block run (400 m)
  • 30 kettlebell swings @ 24/16 kg

my heaviest deadlift set was 87.5 kg, which is 2.5 kg heavier than my previous max! i’m pretty happy with that. the trainer reckons i might have a ninety-something 1RM, so i should hit up an open gym session and have a go.

the second workout was tough. i took for-fucking-ever but i finished it in 18:26 RX, so i’m really proud of myself. i knew i could do the prescribed weights, because i did ‘diane’ at 70 kg and i can do 16 kg kettlebell swings, so i just kept plugging away until i was done. phew.

then lunch to motion city soundtrack with irvine welsh. i’m leaving for work in about fifteen minutes. second shift of the day!

i just woke up. can you tell?


"A TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE. After Burckhalter’s photographs of the eclipse of May 28, 1900." From a 1903 edition of A Text-Book of Astronomy by George C. Comstock.

josh is listening to taylor swift

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i’ve been obscenely productive today (had a blood test, booked a GP appointment, did my grocery shopping, cooked dinner for the next few nights, danced to motion city soundtrack, did laundry) but i was really antsy because i didn’t go to crossfit this morning and dancing was still too far away and i’m not very good at sitting still and doing nothing so i went for a run and i ran 3.5 km in little over ten minutes so that was nice. i’m going to watch more psych now, i think.

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but i’m watching psych so


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this was the WOD today and 

  1. i got my first ever bodyweight strict pull up??? 
  2. i did the second workout RX in 17:36 (the 16 kg kettlebell is still pretty heavy for me so i started out with sets of 10 and dropped down to sets of 5 at the end)

and my box runs a really huge competition in each december where they close off the street and it goes all day and heaps of people from other boxes compete. i’m going to enter into the teams section with one of the women from my box! i’m excited!