how to make a bird

one day they will make humans out of steel but until then i may have to break these bones
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  • i’m either having an epiphany or i’m just really tired and should be asleep.
  • today i ran 5 km and it was really easy and i was happy and i think i might try making my route longer??? an extra 500 m? an extra 1 km? i still suck at running; i just suck a little less. i still don’t really know what I’m doing?
  • and dance was all right. i was happy with the jig - i’m moving more, and now i’m trying to lift my legs more. my dance style is very old-fashioned, apparently, and i’m trying hard to dance more ~modern~.
  • i did everything i wanted to do today plus i had a lovely lunch with lisse and it was the best because lisse is the best.

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today is my first full day off since saturday! so i have good things planned:

  • a sleep-in (completed) (okay, it was only until 7:15 but that’s late)
  • a visit to medicare and the tax office (eventually they will give me money and that’s always nice)
  • some washing (clean sheets tonight heck yes)
  • a run (feeling it)
  • dance! (not gonna over-think the jig)

++ i’ve been thinking about a lot of the things i talked about with the psychologist yesterday and while i felt really capable after yesterday’s session, there are still things i need to work on. of course. i have new homework again, as well as trying to maintain everything i’ve already started doing. it’s hard. it’s really hard. but i can sorta see past this and, i don’t know, maybe i’m starting to want that.

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check out the sweet jacket work gave me for working there for a million years (and also being an apparently good teacher)

i’ve actually been coveting lisse’s jacket for ages so it’s pretty cool to have my own! it’s so lovely and warm and has really great pockets and i love me some pockets

taught my first wednesday shift tonight - man oh man i forgot how exhausting a shift entirely of k-levels can be. i’m used to the babies. but the kids were hilarious and i’m happy that i can joke around with them (babies don’t really get jokes)





having a pretty all right day: crossfit was brutal this morning (i never thought the best part of a workout would be wall balls but there you go) but i felt really good afterwards despite the sweat (6 kg wall balls actually aren’t as hard as they were a few weeks ago; i think i’ve figured them out) and then i worked and the kids were very cute, and lisse sent me a wedding dress selfie (!!!) and oh, she looks so beautiful, and then i came home and cooked eggs for lunch, and the weather is lovely and i should change out of my work shirt and do the things i need to do but i think i’ll just sit here for a little bit longer.

and i know i talk about it all the time but really, the best way to make tea is let it brew for ages so it’s really strong, and then pour lots of milk into the mug. bitterness of the tannins + creaminess of the milk.

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did my homework and it wasn’t as scary as i thought it was going to be but i still did the things to make it less scary

i still don’t know what i’m doing i’m fumbling around and i wonder if i’m half-assing it but it’s all so hard and

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Somehow, I’ve always known.